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Father Pat VanDurme
OurLady of the Valley Parish
23 May 2008
"I hope you will remember me. Fr. Pat who fished w/ you and John. With only 10 days left, I am looking at pictures of our time fishing together last month. I was hoping to write this letter sooner but life got in the way. I did not want to leave for Basic without saying thank you for the great day.
For you this may have been simply a day on the river and no big deal but it meant alot to me..... For me it was so much more. The peaceful day with good people meant more than I could say. Packing up and saying goodbye have filled my every waking hours since then and that peace has carried me through. I will keep those pictures but more importantly, I will hold that time and the new frienship close to my heart. You and your wife will both be in my hearts as I go on to a new phase of my life "
Ray Sanna
Rochester, NY
4 July 2007
"I'd like to thank you again for the fun and informative trip...I learned some new techniques that I will put to use in the future for sure!!! I will also be recommending your services to others, as I found you to be a very professional and knowlegable "teacher" of fishing. You're love for the sport really shows."
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