Jim Byrd
Rochester, NY
16 April 2007
"During the last 27 years I have fished throughout the northeastern states, Florida, and Montana for trout, striped bass, and snook. I have fished with many guides in these places. Other guides can put you over fish, but they barely show you a new and better way to catch fish. However, Jason's techniques in steelheading, midge fishing, and nymphing are innovative and catch more fish. We always seem to be out fishing the other guys on the river. I look forward to fishing with you next season. Thanks for a great season."
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Steve Mueller and Mike Anderson
7 June 2011

"We had a great time. It was amazing to me how quickly we would get into the fish and then they'd be gone for a little while.
You did a great job putting us on them all day long. 6 different species of big fish in one day. Amazing!"
Ed Felker
November 2011

"My favorite fish is the brown trout, and I've been dreaming of a BIG one for many years. Jason of Trout-N-About made that dream a reality. Not only did I have my large borwn within an hour of getting into my waders, but we were treated to an amazing day of fishing from dawn till dusk. Jason is extremely professional but also very easy to be around, the type of guy you genuinely want to fish with all day. This was the most enjoyable and most successful guided trip I have ever taken, and we are in the process of booking a return trip with Jason next year! Thank you, Trout-N-About!"
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